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From concept to print or online delivery, my exhaustive project experience includes classroom resources such as textbooks and teacher support materials, monographs, digital first and digital adaptation resources, eBooks and multimedia assets (including award-winning digital learning platforms). 
I have a comprehensive understanding of digital publishing processes, an up-to-date knowledge of digital-first and adaptation principles and formats and experience of a modern publishing environment. With an aptitude for emerging technology, I have a passion for science communication, an interest in emerging educational and curriculum developments and a sound commercial awareness of the educational publishing market. I embrace new technologies, drawing on years of publishing experience to establish efficient processes for working with them.
I am based in Melbourne, Australia and my freelance clientele includes large and small publishing houses. Contact me to find out more about my experience or to request a resume.

Specialist areas of expertise
Specialist content areas across primary, secondary and tertiary education in Australia.
Subject matter expertise
Science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and the earth sciences
Wide-ranging experience and broad knowledge
Geography, history, economics, indigenous education and resources for students with low literacy skills

Possessing diverse Mac and PC computer skills, I can work on most file formats across multiple operating systems, devices and platforms including Android and iPad. I am enthusiastic about finding ways to employ new technologies and establish procedures that deliver relevant and cutting-edge educational resources.
Expertise across the Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
Expert-level proficiency in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Pro.
Working knowledge across the rest of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (including Spark).
I have advanced skills in, extensive knowledge of and experience using:
 • the Google suite of applications
 • eLearning, digital editing and multimedia tools
 • LaTeX and maths plug-ins
 • collaborative tools and platforms that facilitate remote working, including cloud-based technology.
I use the latest versions of all software and browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
Professional skills
Meticulous and detail conscious with a commitment to bringing quality product to market on time with accuracy and ingenuity.
Expertise in prioritising and balancing multiple projects, managing schedules and meeting competing deadlines to ensure targets are met.
Subject matter expertise in the sciences and maths for educational publications. Highly knowledgeable and skilled in applying maths and science styles and conventions.
Expert-level proficiency editing plain text equations as LaTeX and checking LaTeX has been rendered correctly. I can work with maths plug-ins such as MathType/Equation Editor and convert them to LaTeX. 
Experience using a range of virtual collaborative tools and platforms that facilitate remote working, including cloud-based technology.
Experience in sourcing and managing permissions, licensing and related copyright considerations. Knowledge of copyright, licensing, media production workflows and suppliers. A sound grounding in publishing law and in-house experience creating and negotiating contracts and agreements.
Working knowledge and background in traditional print management and production processes.
Personal skills
Highly collaborative with strong interpersonal and negotiating skills. Patient, tactful and the ability to build strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.
Excellent communication and reading skills with strong writing proficiency, high levels of concentration and perseverance.
Highly developed analytical, critical and broad thinking and problem solving skills. Generates resourceful and imaginative solutions. 
I act with integrity, discretion and professionalism. I guarantee confidentiality for any project.

I have a passionate enthusiasm for the earth sciences, from natural hazards to natural resources and the history of life on this planet. My free time is spent participating in research field trips and keeping up with the latest professional journals and publications. I am a member of the Geological Society of Australia. 
I am based in Melbourne, Australia
Alison Jane Stone | Freelance Publishing Professional | Editor
0439 042463 | ​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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