I have extensive experience restructuring, adapting, rewriting and updating existing print and digital content. I specialise in versioning or localising content for a new audience.
I update, restructure or adapt previous editions of classroom resources. Content will be updated to ensure it meets the latest curriculum, educational and market needs.
I adapt, version or localise content from a range of previously published texts and multimedia sources.
I identify and update non-local spelling, phrasing and situations.
I can clean up and restyle content that has previously been published. I work with most types of raw source file and can deliver in any required format. I will retype and edit copy and produce page layouts and artwork as required.

Examples of my work​​​​​​​
I have
localised and adapted a series of interactive science and maths lessons, updating and mapping content to the Australian Curriculum
adapted static and interactive resources (such as PDF worksheets, interactive lessons, weblinks, audio and video) for digital adaptations of science textbook components.
I am based in Melbourne, Australia
Alison Jane Stone | Freelance Publishing Professional | Editor
0439 042463 | editor@alisonjanestone.com ​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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