Specialising in maths and science educational content, I enjoy developing content to craft highly motivating, interactive, relevant and engaging products. I conduct version checks and quality assurance testing on a variety of content and digital resources. I have worked on award-winning digital first learning platforms.
I develop or adapt content for innovative and cutting-edge teaching and learning resources that meet the emerging educational and curriculum needs of the modern primary or secondary classroom.
I conduct quality control testing and version checking of digital learning resources within a variety of authoring tools, digital delivery platforms and devices. I will check content, including LaTeX, has rendered correctly and identify styling issues.
I check for coherence, clarity, functionality and correctness of content. I will also check the general structure for consistency. I will ensure artwork, figures and tables are accurate, appropriate and have been formatted correctly.
I can perform a review of content, functionality and format of interactive assets.
I check answers and worked examples for accuracy. In digital learning formats, I will ensure answers and worked examples have been formatted and validate correctly.

Examples of my work
I have
completed content and version checks on digital learning resources, static and interactive assets such as textbook components, PDF worksheets and online lessons
supported authors in the writing and development of educational and academic publications
developed content for student activities using the most up-to-date educational theories including differentiation, brain-based learning and the thinking curriculum
generated content for websites, newsletters, catalogues, flyers, conference notes, posters and other advertising and marketing communications. I have written blurbs for books and other products.
I am based in Melbourne, Australia
Alison Jane Stone | Freelance Publishing Professional | Editor
0439 042463 | editor@alisonjanestone.com ​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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