I have a broad digital development and production background with extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of cutting-edge software and hardware trends, digital publishing processes and file management.
I format, style and prepare raw manuscript for web-based content mark-up language and encoding for rendering in to final digital product. I can review and evaluate copyedited and coded manuscript.
I can conduct quality assurance testing of content onscreen and assess it for any problems with functionality or user experience.
I compile and update metadata, filelists and resource reports for digital learning resources. I can upload content to online platforms or export for offline use.
I source, manage, check and format digital assets such as interactive lessons, activities, weblinks (URLs), animations, audio and video. I can manage the production of static assets from content creation to sign off for upload to online or offline platform. 
I liaise with digital producers to ensure content is successfully transformed from page to screen.
I develop workflow and procedures for new products or technology.
I ensure version control is maintained for all digital content.

Examples of my work
I have
formatted, edited, styled, tagged and prepared raw manuscript content for rendering in to final product for digital learning resources and platforms
reviewed and evaluated copyedited and coded manuscript
completed quality testing on digital learning resources
sourced, formatted and created static and interactive resources (such as PDF worksheets, interactive lessons, weblinks, audio and video) for digital adaptations of science textbook components
project managed the localisation of a digital, interactive suite of science and maths lessons, updating and mapping content to the Australian Curriculum. The lessons consisted interactive activities, animations, audio and video as well as static content such as text and images. I edited the lessons using a digital interface, checking content and liaising directly with content specialists to resolve queries. I converted media files to required formats, generated and edited metadata, exported the content for offline access and uploaded the lessons to an online platform.
I have worked on award-winning digital first learning platforms.
I am based in Melbourne, Australia
Alison Jane Stone | Freelance Publishing Professional | Editor
0439 042463 | editor@alisonjanestone.com ​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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