I am a STEM trained editor with 18 years’ experience developing, producing and publishing market-leading digital and print content and resources. 
I can perform a structural or copy edit on an exhaustive range of classroom resources and educational content. I have edited textbooks (student and teacher support components), materials for digital learning platforms, eBooks, multimedia assets, and a range of online and printed materials and documents. I work on components such as prelims and end matter, answer files, lesson plans, assessment materials acknowledgements, worksheets, artwork, figures and tables.
I format, style and prepare content for final publication; marking up for a designer, typesetter or for rendering in to final digital product. I will ensure all documents are formatted with correct and consistent styles. I can apply specific maths and science styles as required by the project or house style guide or generate a style guide as required.
I will read text for clarity and consistency and correct any errors with syntax, spelling or grammar.  checking text is structured and flows correctly and conforms to house style. I ensure all publications are of high quality, at the correct level for the intended audience and produced in accordance with market needs.
I can work with and develop MS Word document templates.
I ensure alignment of components within a series or project and aligning or mapping content to the curriculum.
Following file-naming standards and conventions, I will file and archive project components and check fixed file names for assets are correct. I will supply the entire package of folders at the end of the project.
I can collate proofs/corrections and liaise directly with authors, proofreaders, publishers, content specialists or external vendors to resolve queries.
I communicate with authors, internal teams and external vendors about project progress, and develop solutions to address issues.
I can brief and support designers and illustrators on presentation, text design and page layout.
I generate and edit acknowledgements, artwork grids and permissions forms. I will check artwork meets requirements, identify any problematic material and ensure images, captions and text correlate.
Examples of my work
traditional classroom textbook components such as student books, teacher companions, answer and activity books (including flagship maths and science products)
a range of static assets for a digital series of senior physics and chemistry resources
static and interactive assets (such as PDF worksheets, interactive lessons, weblinks, audio and video) for digital adaptations of science, maths and humanities textbook components
maths and science student textbooks for iPad eBook format
Indigenous education publications
a series of secondary science resources, mapped to the Australian Curriculum, aimed at students with low-literacy skills.
I am based in Melbourne, Australia
Alison Jane Stone | Freelance Publishing Professional | Editor
0439 042463 | editor@alisonjanestone.com ​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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