Freelance publishing professional

I am an editor and freelance publishing professional specialising in science and maths content for primary, secondary and tertiary education in Australia. I have over 15 years’ in-house and freelance experience in educational and academic publishing, delivering print and digital publications that enrich teaching and learning. I use evolving software, hardware and educational technologies to deliver innovative digital learning content, resources and assets. Scroll down to find out what I do.

I edit a comprehensive range of content for traditional classroom print resources and digital learning platforms. I can help you deliver accurate, error-free, high-quality products that meet curriculum standards and market requirements.
With wide-ranging experience in the emerging technologies of the modern publishing environment and a solid understanding of digital workflows, processes and formats, I can involve myself at any stage of the production of digital first or adapted resources.
I can manage the production and workflow of projects from concept to final print ready files or digital release. Maintaining communication with stakeholders and managing project schedules and budgets, I can supervise all stages of production to ensure timely release of quality resources that meet financial and publication targets.
I offer a range of desktop publishing services such as typesetting, layout, styling and design for print and digital content including classroom resources, static and interactive multimedia assets.
I develop and check content for well-researched, pedagogically sound and market-leading educational resources for schools, ensuring they are written in line with market needs and curriculum requirements.
I can rewrite, restructure, adapt or update existing content to make it suitable for a different audience, or update it for a new release. I specialise in finding ways to innovatively repurpose or modify content for use in various formats.
I understand that altering proofs can cost a project time and money. Working directly to your brief, I will mark all necessary corrections and provide a complete list of any queries to ensure your print or digital content is free of errors.
I am a science graduate and STEM trained editor with 18 years’ experience providing editing, project management, content development and desktop publishing services for high-quality, pedagogically sound and market-leading student and teacher resources.
I am based in Melbourne, Australia and I'd love to hear from you!
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